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Our team of skilled web designers created a visually stunning and user-friendly website for Vic Steele’s blog. With a focus on readability and easy navigation, the website features a clean and modern design that highlights the content and engages readers.

What We Delivered

About Vic Steele

Vic Steele is a professional film and photography service provider. They are dedicated to bringing the ultimate in quality and service to thier clients.

Hear from Vic Steele

"I had such an amazing experience working with AHIQURTECH, They were soo helpful and really accommodated all of my needs!! I would highly recommend them to any of my friends or anyone looking for a beautiful WordPress website!! Absolutely satisfied!"
Vic Steele

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The Challenge

Charese Mongiello requires an eCommerce online store for her business. She sells products and courses online. Also, she is a blogger and content writer. She gives us content and said, “I hope you will make my dream website attractive”.

The Solution

First, we set up the website for eCommerce functionality. For the products, we added category and filtering options. Since she is a blogger and content writer, So we added Blog/Post features. Then we added a contact form and customized the full website user-friendly.

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