Google Ads Management Services

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We work with you to establish the desired ROI for your google ads campaign and establish a strategy that will help you boost your paid search conversions by more than 300% Our team of google ads management services will help your company create ads that are specific, relevant, and attractive to your target customers.

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Google Ads Management Services

Professional Google AdWords Consultant

Reach Your Target Market With Google Ads Management Services That Convert

ASHIQURTECH google Adwords consultants understand your target demographics and analyze their online activities to determine whether PPC, organic search, or a combination of these digital marketing strategies is the best approach for your business growth. We help our clients to generate leads, sales, signups, and subscriptions through Google AdWords. Our team of highly skilled professionals helps you increase your revenues by using various google ads strategies. We have the experience, industry knowledge, and expertise to ensure visitors’ attention, target them by displaying your advertising budget to get maximum exposure.

What Does Our
Google Adwords Management Include?

Make the Right Decisions for Your Brand by choosing ASHIQURTECH Google Ads Management agency.

Search Ads

The most popular type of paid search marketing are google search ads. We ensure prospects who are already seeking your industry or brand offers online will see your search advertisements. The internet is a very powerful medium, and it is the easiest way to make your product known to millions of people on the internet. Our search ads services help you dominate your market by acquiring high-quality leads and new customers. Not only do we help you advertise, but we also help you optimize your ads to bring you better ROI

Display Ads

Display advertising has been a boon for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It allows you to get in front of a targeted audience and teach more than 90% of internet users at a cost that is often lower than traditional forms of advertising. We offer Google Ads management services that will help you reach your target market with effective use of graphics and text to catch the attention of your industry-related online visitors,

Remarketing Ads

We offer a powerful and easy-to-use Remarketing Ads solution that allows you to generate high-quality leads for your business. Remarketing ads are a powerful strategy to target visitors who have already visited your website and convert them into customers. You can attract visitors who have shown interest in your business. Remarketing is less expensive than search advertising. To get big results with your PPC campaign, our AdWords management company employs sophisticated remarketing ad types and extensions to get big results with your PPC campaign.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads are the best way to advertise your high number of products. Shopping ads are shown just above or below google search engine result page, which allows your target audience to see your products and pricing first Our team of Google Adwords consultants can help you better understand your customers and develop a campaign that works for you. We deliver an experience that will help you retain your customers and increase your revenue.

Local Services Ads

A pay-per-lead strategy is used for local service ads. The pay per lead process ensures you are paying for clicks that only results in sales. We help small businesses such as lawn care, electricians, home remodeling, and HVAC. At ASHIQURTECH, we help local service providers make their businesses more visible to their target demographics.

Landing Page Conversion Optimization

You can run Google ads on your website, but you need to know how to optimize your pages for conversions. Otherwise, you can lose money on every click you spend. Our specially designed Landing Page Optimization service will help you increase your conversion rate. It consists of crafting engaging content and design, utilizing high-performing keywords, and placing clear calls-to-actions (CTAs) to improve conversion rates.

ASHIQURTECH Google Ads Agency Pricing

Affordable Google Ads Management that Saves Time and Money


Starter Package
$ 299
  • Google Analytics Monthly Report
  • Detailed Google Ads Monthly Report
  • 1 Google Ads Account
  • Audience Research & Targeting
  • Remarketing Campaigns
  • Banners Ad Design
  • Dedicated Account Manager


Average Package
$ 499
  • Google Analytics Report
  • Detailed Google Ads Report
  • 2-5 Google Ads Account
  • Audience Research & Targeting
  • Remarketing Campaigns
  • Banners Ad Design
  • Dedicated Account Manager


Pro Package
$ 699
  • Google Analytics Report
  • Detailed Google Ads Report
  • Up to 10 Google Ads Account
  • Audience Research & Targeting
  • Remarketing Campaigns
  • Banners Ad Design
  • Dedicated Account Manage

Why You Choose
ASHIQURTECH AdWords Management Company

Grow Your Business With Optimized AdWords management strategies

Premier Google Partner

We have been Google Partners for several years, which means that we have a thorough understanding of Google Adwords and other Adwords services. ASHIQURTECH is a google Ads certified company that is capable of managing your Adwords account with great proficiency.

Comprehensive PPC Audit

Increase conversions by reviewing your landing pages, ad copy, keyword bids, competitor analysis and more. We'll audit your Google ads for you to make sure they’re getting the attention they deserve. Our comprehensive PPC audit will help you save time and money, by working with you to understand your business needs and how to implement best google ad practices.

Detailed Reporting

We offer a wide range of information and analysis services that allow our clients to fully understand the effectiveness and efficiency of their campaigns. ASHIQURTECH Adwords management company provides detailed, insightful and actionable Google Ads reporting. Our tools and services help you track and improve all your advertising and marketing efforts across the web.

Dedicated account manager

We provide google ads management services with a proven track record of success and a dedicated in-house team to manage your campaign, analyze your marketing objectives and current campaign performance to make data-driven recommendations. We are available for a free consultation on your PPC campaign 24/7. Our support and expertise in google advertising will help you reach your goals and keep your site at the top of the search engines.

Custom Google Ads Management Services

We choose google ads that work best for your brand and can combine the different custom strategies, including ad groups, retargeting lists, product feeds, keywords and negative keywords, and more. You can leverage ASHIQURTECH’s huge experience to get top-level results from your Custom Google Ad campaigns tailored to your industry needs.

Transparent pricing

Uniquely positioned to take advantage of the growing trend of remarketing ads, we’ve applied the latest high-end technology to make our solution both affordable and effective. You will receive a comprehensive analysis of your campaign as well as a breakdown of how your money is being spent.

Google Ads FAQs

Google AdWords is Google’s online advertising program that helps businesses find new customers by placing ads on Google, the Google Display Network, and affiliated websites.
PPC (Pay per Click) marketing is internet advertising, usually done through Google’s Adwords. Businesses pay for each click from a visitor who chooses to visit their websites. On the other hand, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a method of marketing that focuses on getting a company’s website to rank highly on a search engine’s results list. The main difference between PPC and SEO is that PPC marketing can be done on a pay-per-click basis, while SEO marketing must be done long-term until a company’s website appears on the first page of a search engine.
The amount you need for Google AdWords depends on your budget and your goals. The higher the purchasing power, the more likely you are to get better rates. If you’re in a competitive niche, you might be dealing with more expensive keywords, and the cost per click will be higher.
Spending money on AdWords can be worthwhile if you know what you’re doing and aren’t wasting your money on irrelevant traffic and clicks. AdWords approach remains one of the most proven and practical strategies to drive qualified traffic and leads to your website. And AdWords is designed for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are selling products or services, there are multiple ways to use AdWords to help you reach more customers.
We run your Google ads by managing the Google Ads account and choosing the objectives you want to advertise, and then we decide which type of ads and networks we want to use and which keywords we want to focus on.
Yes. Google Ads allows you to target your ideal audience by selecting your desired audience from a wide range of categories, demographic information, and interest targeting options. Google ads are cost-effective, and when ads are relevant to your target market, they will click on them when looking for a solution to their problem.
Google ad campaigns cost money to start and maintain. You can set a specific amount for your budget or a maximum daily budget. Your actual budget is determined by factors such as how much you are willing to play, how much competition there is for the keywords you want to use, the average price of keywords in your ad group, your quality score, and your maximum cost per click.
Google Ads allows you to connect your business with people who are more likely to shop online so that you can increase your sales and awareness. Google Ads are an excellent way to promote your business. They are easy to set up and manage and are effective across all devices.
Google Ads are free to use. However, there are costs associated with maintaining an AdWords campaign. For example, businesses must pay for every click on the ad, every time someone sees it, and every time someone chooses to click on their website link.

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