Hire A Team of Creative Website Designers and Digital Marketing Experts!

We believe “Teamwork makes the Dreamwork” and we are a team of Professional and Creative Website Designers, Graphics Designers, and Digital Marketing Experts. Let’s meet with us to learn more.

Meet the Team of Our Creative
Website Designers and Digital Marketing Experts!

Meet The Founder & Drirector

Founder, CEO & Director

Ashiqur Rahman has been working in Digital Marketing and Web Technology since 2016 and founded ASHIQURTECH in 2018. He is Passionate working with Web Technology and his Mission is to make the Local Brand Successful in Online with the help of  Modern Technology. He have completed several pieces of Trainings, Workshops on Web and Marketing and Achieved Certifications and Awards.


Tabea Tahsin Shuchi

Co-Founder & CSM

Shuchi is a Co-Founder and Customer Support Manager of Ashiqurtech. She helps our customers with their Questions, and Queries and provides you with the Assistance you need with our Service and Product. As an Associate of our company she always focus on the Client Success.

Meet The Expert Team

Mamun Ahmed- Web Developer and Back End Expert

Abdullah Al Mamun

Lead Web Developer

Mamun has great experience in solving problems with the Backend & Frontend of Websites. He always loves to Fix the problems with the websites and create seamless solutions exactly you need by leading our web development team.

Yousuf Chowdhury- Web Developer and Front End Expert

Yousuf Chowdhury

Lead Web Designer

Yousuf has Good Eye for Designing Creative and Eye-Catchy WordPress Websites with Nice Color Combinations, Custom Icons, Shadows, and Shapes. He can understand the design Ideas perfectly and can bring out the perfect design of your Website Project.

Hayatozzaman Saurab- Web Designer and SMM Expert

Hayatozzaman Saurab

Head of Digital Marketing

Saurab is professionally Experienced in Designing Websites and Building the Trustable Online Presence of your business. He is passionate about working in Online Marketing with Organic and Paid media to grow your business and brand in a strategic way.

sakibur 1

Md. Sakibur Rahman

Sr. Web Developer

Sakibur has a wide of experience in designing and developing websites with advanced functionality. He develop the custom websites and focuses on the website’s functionality as it’s required.


Mustafiz Hamidi

Jr. Web Designer

Mustafiz works with our Websites Designing Projects and he has awesome skills with it. He loves to create beautiful websites with his creativity. He is very passionate about his work.

Creative Graphics Designer

Rabbany Mia

Creative Graphics Designer

Rabbany is a Creative Graphics Designer and Logo Designer. He Loves working with Designing Brand Logos, Editing Photos, Creating Custom Social Banners and Eye-Catchy Posts. He helps us with any graphics-related Project.

Amran Hossain Rana- Professional SEO Expert

Amran Hossain Rana

Professional SEO Expert

In this Modern Technology SEO-Search Engine Optimization is a Great Organic Marketing System that has Higher Conversation Rate. Rana is an Expert in Modern SEO Technology and a Professional WordPress Website Designer and he will help you to Ranks your Website on Google.

mahdee 1

Abdur Rahman Mahdee

Technical SEO Expert

Mahdee is a professional SEO Expert with Excellence SEO Content Writing & Technical SEO knowledge. He knows what to do to make your website fully optimized for Google Indexing. He helps to manage our On-Page SEO optimization.

Timilehin Iyanda

Timilehin Iyanda

Web Content Writer

Leveraging his broad range of High-Quality Content Writing can help you find success in your niche. He carefully craft content pieces and implement on-page SEO strategies that allow you to increase your traffic, connect with your audience, engage them and improve your conversion rate.

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